Family & Community Focused

Facing Goliath Coffee is a boutique roastery in Grand Rapids MI. We started this for two reasons:
1.) We love fresh roasted coffee
2.) We love our community & want to have a positive impact.

We are a family focused, Christian organization specializing in fresh roasted specialty coffee beans. The roasting process from fresh beans to getting them to you is a fully family affair (when we aren’t at a hockey rink or baseball field that is!).

We donate $1 of every bag we sell to charity, focusing on local Christian charities and youth sports – two of our favorite causes! Head over the Giving Page to learn more, see how you can help, or see how you can let us know about your favorite charity for consideration.

Our Difference

We all know that the fresher the coffee, the better the taste. The typical lifecycle includes weeks before it makes it to you. Companies roast beans ahead of time, they sit on the shelf, eventually making it to the store, where they put the newest on the back of the shelf, and finally – you take it home! It’s already weeks if not months old.

Coffee should be enjoyed within 1-2 weeks of roasting for the best flavor!

After this, the flavor breaks down (which is why a lot of people like dark roast – they want to taste something, even if its the ash instead of the coffee flavors!).

We guarantee that we will ship your beans within 24 hours of the roasting process. Typically we roast one evening & get them on their way to you the next morning. Coffee should degass for 1-3 days after roasting for the best flavor. Our bags have a one way valve to allow the beans to degass – meaning you will get your coffee at the perfect time to enjoy, whether you enjoy the fruity acidity of a nice Ethiopian, or the chocolatey flavors of a dry process from Brazil (or, of course, our blends where we maximize complementing flavors)!

Your order gets individual attention – we never roast beans that have not been ordered. No sitting on the shelf, no losing flavor, no gathering dust. Due to our commitment to flavor, we only send whole beans and do not grind the coffee beans for you (flavor starts being lost within twenty minutes of grinding).

Facing Goliath Coffee is operates as a Cottage Industry in the State of Michigan. The coffee beans are roasted in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

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