Work from Anywhere, Powered with Fresh Roasted Coffee

The world of business has certainly changed in the last year. We want to work with you for your work from home team members. Reach out to to see how we can help send fresh roasted coffee straight to your team members – fresh fuel to show them even though they are not in the office, they are not far from your mind. Productivity fueled by coffee & showing your care with every sip.

Sign up with us and we will ship fresh roasted beans to your team members at your chosen interval (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). You’ll receive a simple invoice each month, an email summary of shipments, & be helping the community along the way. If you wish to have your organization participate directly through Facing Goliath Coffee’s charity partners, reach out to We’ll help you make a difference and your logo will be featured on our Giving Back page.

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