7am Ice Time


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You haul your kids out of bed & drive them to the rink before the sun through a driving snow storm; you crowd with your hockey family and scream at the top of your lungs; your wallet is bruised and battered from new skates, lumber, sweaters, buckets, & mitts (& they just grew out of something while you read this); you watch them in a freezing arena chase a biscuit across a frozen pond while you crazily cheer (& you get a sucker from the Team Mom if you go a little too crazy…); you haul them home to house that smells like a locker room while doing endless laundry; you live in cars and hotels, dining on the very best concession stand pretzels that are harder than the puck. And you do it all willingly. Why? Because you are a hockey parent. We do it for our kids and this is just how we live.<br /><br />This roast is a tribute to all hockey parents, and will keep you warm at the rink while energizing you cheers with a creamy feel and chocolaty taste while not being heavy.


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